How to use ZealLookup plugin for Eclipse

Zeal is an offline documentation browser which can be used to lookup help for most popular libraries and APIs. The ZealLookup plugin (also called ZealEclipsePlugin) enables you to lookup help in Zeal right from inside Eclipse! 🙂


  • Shutdown Eclipse.
  • Download the plugin .jar file from here and place it in the plugins directory of your Eclipse installation.
  • Start Eclipse.


  • You need to configure a keyboard shortcut for ZealLookup. Go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys. Look for Lookup in Zeal command and set a keyboard shortcut for it.

  • I use Vrapper, so I set the keyboard shortcut as \z which is the same as what I use to call Zeal from within Vim.

  • To lookup a word in Zeal: highlight the word and press the keyboard shortcut you have set earlier. Zeal should open with the documentation for the word. I found that sometimes Zeal stays in the background, but it has looked up the word.

  • For use with Vrapper, I mark the current word using viw (visually mark inner word) and then press the ZealLookup keyboard shortcut.

Tried with: ZealLookup 1.0.0, Eclipse 4.4.2 and Ubuntu 14.04

One thought on “How to use ZealLookup plugin for Eclipse

  1. Its concerning and scary to ask users to directly run a .jar file – who knows whats in that .jar?. Could either you or the original author of that zealEclipsePlugin, please make a full Eclipse Plugin that can be installed using the Eclipse Plugin Installer, which validates the plugin as safe?


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