Fonts for Math in LaTeX

Similar to fonts for textual content, there are formatting styles or fonts that can be used on math expressions in LaTeX. For example, the set of real numbers R is typically written with what is called a blackboard bold font.

The formatting styles for math in LaTeX are:

mathnormal: This is the default for math expressions. The letters are italicized a bit. No need to apply it explicitly.
mathrm:     Non-italicized version of normal.
mathit:     Italicized like normal, but suits words better.
mathbf:     Bold. Use for vectors and so on.
mathsf:     Sans serif.
mathtt:     Fixed-width.
mathfrak:   Fraktur. Used for lie algebras.
mathcal:    Calligraphic.
mathbb:     Used for real sets.
mathscr:    Script.

A table of these fonts applied on symbols can be seen here.

Tried with: Ubuntu 14.04

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