Vim-ASCIIDoc plugin

Vim-ASCIIDoc is a useful plugin for Vim if you frequently edit ASCIIDoc files.


In addition, to the Vim-ASCIIDoc plugin, it also requires the installation of Vimple and Asif, two plugins by the same author.


  • Plugin sets the compiler by default to asciidoc.

  • If you want to use asciidoctor as compiler, use the command :compiler asciidoctor

  • If you want to set the default compiler, add this line to Vimrc:

  • If you use asciidoctor as compiler, the plugin will keep complaining that it needs to know the themes directory for this compiler. To set the themes directory, I set this in my Vimrc:
  • Once the compiler is set correctly, you can build a ASCIIDoc file by typing :make

Tried with: Vim 7.4 and Ubuntu 14.04

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