Player FM app for Android


I listen to a few podcasts regularly using a RSS feed reader. Recently, I decided to try the Player FM podcast app on Android to make this more convenient. I must say that it has turned out to be a great little app for podcasts.

  • Discovering my podcasts worked directly, I did not have to bother with any URL or RSS feed. Search for podcast name and add it to Subscriptions.

  • Latest episodes of any subscription are directly downloaded and added to a Downloads playlist by the app.

  • The app can be configured to download only over wifi, if you want that.

  • There might be times when you want to listen to a particular episode from a podcast you do not want to subscribe to. Player FM can handle that too. This can be added to your Downloads playlist too.

  • The playlist will maintain the last 10 episodes from each Subscription. Episodes which you play close to the end or to the end are automatically marked as played.

  • The app can also be configured to be offline all the time. You can make it download only when you want it to.

Tried with: Player FM, Android 5.0.2 and Moto G 2nd Gen (XT1068)

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