How to use themes in Airline

Molokai theme for Airline in Vim
Molokai theme for Airline in Vim

The Vim-Airline plugin adds support for customizing the colors and format of the statusline in Vim. For more information on installing and using it, see this post.

  • Airline ships with many themes and other themes can also be added to it. If you are using a plugin manager, then the directory containing the themes can be found in vim-airline/autoload/airline/themes. Each theme is contained in a single file with extension .vim here. If you want to add a theme file, just copy it to this directory.

  • A theme can be applied at runtime inside Vim. For example, to apply the molokai theme, use the command :AirlineTheme molokai.

  • To apply a theme at startup, set the g:airline_theme variable in your .vimrc. For example, to apply the molokai theme at startup, add this line to .vimrc: let g:airline_theme='molokai'

  • The default theme that is used by Airline is dark or light, depending on whether the background in your Vim is set to dark or light.

  • If you are using Vim at a virtual terminal (VT), then you might have only 8 color support in that terminal. Most of the Airline themes, including the default ones look horrible in it. I have personally found that the hybrid theme works the best in VT. Other themes that work in VT are tomorrow and zenburn. The themes base16, jellybeans and lucius work partially. All the rest of the themes do not work in VT.

Tried with: Vim 7.4 and Ubuntu 14.04

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