How to set TERM to xterm-256color

Updated post here:

7 thoughts on “How to set TERM to xterm-256color

  1. Thank you so much, I had already tried the wrong solutions mentioned in this post and unsurprisingly they didn’t work. Now I have a better understanding on how this works!


    1. I had the same problem. The xterm pops up. You may not have ‘fish’ shell. If you have dconf -editor, find ther the terminal options and replace ‘fish’ shell by something you have.


  2. Thanks – I’ve been working around this for too long and this is the right fix. In my case, it involved telling iTerm2 to report term type as xterm-256color. All working great now in local & remote shells.


  3. I tried this: alias ssh="env TERM=xterm-256color ssh". From my understanding of your explanation, this could also help?


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