FileBeagle plugin for Vim

FileBeagle is a plugin for Vim that aims to fix some of the problems with using the NetRW and Vinegar plugins. It helps you move quickly around the filesystem of the currently open file and open other neighboring files. This is useful when you do not remember the name of the file you want to open. What I like about this plugin is its simplicity. If you need a file explorer inside Vim only for exploring and opening files, this is the best one to have.

  • On pressing - from any open file, it shows the directory listing of the directory of that file.

  • Use j and k to navigate the listing of directories and files and open any one by pressing Enter on it.

  • To enable display of hidden files and directories, type gh.

  • To quit the explorer, press q.

  • Note: Filesystem write operations like rename and delete are not supported.

Tried with: Vim 7.4 and Ubuntu 14.04

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