How to mount media server using DJMount

DJMount is a program that can be used to mount the content of a UPnP/DLNA media server on your network to your filesystem. Once it is mounted, you can navigate the server’s content folders using any file explorer and play the files using any media player.

Installing DJMount is easy:

$ sudo apt install djmount

Create an empty directory and pass it to DJMount:

$ mkdir ~/media_server_here
$ djmount ~/media_server_here

You can now view all the media servers available in your network and their contents using any file explorer at the above mounted directory.

To unmount the media servers:

$ fusermount -u ~/media_server_here

Note: I had problems with DJMount. The contents would disappear if I tried to play any video file using VLC. The error I get is:

(src/ixmlparser.c::Parser_getChar), line 0: Error 63
[E] Error in UpnpSendAction 'Browse' -- -506 (UPNP_E_OUTOF_BOUNDS)
[E] BrowseOrSearchAction ObjectId='1$4'

Tried with: DJMount 0.71 and Ubuntu 14.04

2 thoughts on “How to mount media server using DJMount

  1. Hey, I have been really enjoying your UPnP, miniDLNA, and Raspberry Pi posts lately. I wonder if you have tried creating a light system (e.g. Pi) that automounts an NFS share hosted by a NAS. I tried this, but couldn’t get the automounting on boot to work properly


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