MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser

MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser is a UPnP/DLNA server and client for Android. It can both serve the content on your Android device to your home network or receive media streams from a UPnP/DLNA server on your home network.

I found the UI to be straightforward and convenient compared to the complicated UI of other such apps. Videos can be played through an external player. Thankfully, music files in a folder can be queued up to play in ordered or shuffled mode. Just long-press the folder to get the menu where you can do this.

The free version has a small restriction though: the number of music files that can be added to playlist is limited.

Tried with: MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser 1.5.0, Android 5.0.2 and Nexus 7 (2013)

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