How to install Raspbian 7


Raspbian is a Debian distribution for the Raspberry Pi. Installing it to the Pi is easy:

  • Download the latest Raspbian disk image from here. Unzip the .img file from the downloaded zip file.

  • Insert a SD card of at least 4GB capacity into your computer. Write the downloaded disk image to it, as described here.

  • Insert this SD card into the Pi board. Connect your Pi and your home wireless router with a Ethernet cable. Power on the Pi.

  • Go to the Admin webpage of your wireless router and figure out what IP address has been assigned to your Pi. Let us assume it is assigned

  • SSH into your Pi using the command ssh pi@ The default password is raspberry.

  • Run sudo raspi-config and choose to Expand filesystem. This expands Raspbian to make full use of the space on your SD card. Exit the config tool and choose to reboot when it requests so.

  • Once your Pi restarts back and is connected to the home network, SSH into it again. Update the packages to the latest versions:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
  • If you want Raspbian to auto-mount USB storage devices (thumbdrives and harddisks) and NTFS partitions, then install these tools:
$ sudo apt-get install usbmount
$ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g
  • Restart Raspbian.

You now have a Raspbian system that is ready to roar! 🙂

Tried with: Raspbian 7

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