How to add Python 3 as interpreter in Eclipse

Python 3 as interpreter in Eclipse
Python 3 as interpreter in Eclipse

The PyDev plugin adds support for working with Python files to Eclipse. However, it is only auto-configured to work with a Python 2.x interpreter. Furthermore, Ubuntu installs Python 2.x by default and needs some manual work to work with Python 3.x.

To use Python 3.x for your Python files in Eclipse:

  • First install Python 3.x:
$ sudo apt install python3
  • This installs the Python 3.x interpreter as /usr/bin/python3. We will use this in Eclipse.

  • In Eclipse, open Preferences -> PyDev -> Interpreters -> Python Interpreter. Click Add and add /usr/bin/python3. The Libraries and other settings will be auto-discovered by PyDev.

  • That is it! When you create a new Python project, in its dialog remember to pick Grammar version as 3.0 and the Interpreter as Python3.

Tried with: Python 3.4.0, PyDev 3.9.0, Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 and Ubuntu 14.04


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