How to use stylesheets in IPE

Almost all properties and values that you apply to elements in an IPE figure are customizable. You can choose the object and do an Edit XML to edit its properties. To add or modify the properties itself, IPE uses stylesheets. This usage is quite similar to CSS, except IPE stylesheets are in XML.

  • Just like CSS, multiple stylesheets can be used and they are ordered in a stack. The style is picked from the topmost available stylesheet in the stack.

  • IPE always loads its own internal stylesheet named standard first. This will be at the bottom of the stack.

  • On top of that, IPE usually loads the stylesheet basic.isy. This can be found in the /usr/share/ipe/7.1.4/styles directory.

  • To add or modify style elements, you can load other stylesheets. These could be stylesheets that already ship with IPE or your own.

  • Stylesheets can be added or their order in the stack can be changed from inside IPE. Go to Edit -> Stylesheets to do this.

Reference: Stylesheets chapter from the IPE manual

Tried with: IPE 7.1.4 and Ubuntu 14.04


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