How to remove feature or plugin in Eclipse

You may sometimes want to disable, uninstall or remove some of the features and plugins in Eclipse.

Remove plugin

Removing the plugins that you manually installed on top of the Eclipse installation is easy:

  1. Go to Help -> Installation Details. Click the tab Installed Software.

  2. Choose any of the features or plugins here and click on Uninstall at the bottom-right of this dialog to remove it.

Remove feature

Removing the features and plugins that shipped with Eclipse is more tricky, since it cannot be done from the UI. Here is how:

  1. Go to Help -> Installation Details. Click the Features and Plug-ins tabs to find out what you want to remove.

  2. Every feature or plugin has a Feature ID, shown in a column of the same name. This is just the name of its JAR file.

  3. Close Eclipse. Go to the directory where Eclipse is installed. To remove a Feature, go to the features directory, else for Plugin go to the plugins directory. Delete the directory or JAR file with the Feature ID you identified in earlier step. Restart Eclipse.

Tried with: Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 and Ubuntu 14.04


2 thoughts on “How to remove feature or plugin in Eclipse”

  1. Run Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details, select the software you no longer want and click Uninstall. (On Macintosh it is Eclipse > About Eclipse > Installation Details.)

    In older versions, you might need to Run Help > Software Updates > Manage Configuration…, select the feature of interest, and disable it with the task shown in the right window.


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