Vi File Manager


Vi File Manager (vifm) is a terminal file manager for users familiar with the Vim editor. Its two-pane interface is similar to Midnight Commander. However, the navigation, select, cut-copy-paste commands are similar to that in Vim.


To install vifm from Ubuntu repository:

$ sudo apt install vifm

However, I found that this version of vifm is very old. The most recent vifm can be easily downloaded from here and compiled using:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install


Some of the common commands I use are:

  • j, k, h, l: Move down, up, back, forward
  • Ctrl+w w: Switch between the split panes
  • :only: Make current pane fullscreen
  • :vsplit: Bring back split panes from fullscreen mode
  • w: Switch to preview mode. Preview is shown in other pane.
  • cw: Rename file. Remember it as the change word command from Vim
  • Shift+v: Move around to select files
  • yy: Copy the files
  • dd: Delete/cut the files
  • p: Paste the files
  • t: Select files individually

For the detailed list of commands see the vifm manual and this summarized command list.

Custom configuration can be stored in the ~/.vifm/vifmrc file.

Tried with: Vifm 0.7.7 and Ubuntu 14.04


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