CMUS is a popular music player for the console. The reason I turned to it is because it uses the familiar Vi key bindings for most of its operations.

To install cmus:

$ sudo apt install cmus

The CMUS interface can be quite confusing to understand at first. It is highly recommended to read the short tutorial before using it:

$ man cmus-tutorial

For more information about its operation:

$ man cmus

Some common operations I use in CMUS:

  • 5: Browser view, used to add music files to library.
  • a: Add music files under cursor to library in Browser view.
  • 2: Library view, shows the music files added.
  • Enter: Play music file under cursor
  • c: Toggle pause-unpause
  • b: Play next song
  • C: Set songs in Library to play one after another
  • r: Set songs in Library to repeat
  • s: Set songs in Library to play in shuffle order
  • :clear: Clear files in Library
  • :q: Quit CMUS

One feature from MOC that I miss in CMUS is I would like it to keep playing in the background after I quit it. This is not possible in CMUS. Instead, what I do is that I launch CMUS in real terminal Ctrl + Alt + F1 and switch back to Ctrl + Alt + F7 for my work.

Tried with: CMUS 2.5.0 and Ubuntu 14.04


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