Visual Studio versions

Visual Studio has a branded name with a year (like Visual Studio 2013), but also an internal version number. Visual Studio supports a C++ compiler, a C# compiler, the .Net Framework and many other internal tools. Each of these also have their own version names and numbers. Confusingly, either the year-version or version-number is used at several places in Windows.

Here is some information I note down and update as I use these software:

Visual Studio 2015

  • Visual Studio: 14
  • Visual C++ compiler: 19.0.23026.0
  • Visual C compiler: 19.0.23026.0

Visual Studio Professional 2013

  • Visual Studio: 12.0
  • Visual C++ compiler: 18.0.21005.1
  • Visual C compiler: 18.0.21005.1
  • Microsoft .Net Framework: 4.5.50938

Visual Studio Professional 2012

  • Visual Studio: 11.0
  • Visual C++ compiler: 17.00.50727.1
  • Visual C compiler: 17.00.50727.1

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