How to play music from Dropbox using Clementine

If you have audio files (podcasts or music) on your Dropbox, you can play them directly on your desktop using the Clementine music player.

Installing Clementine is easy:

$ sudo apt install clementine

Open Clementine, choose Internet in the left bar. Choose Dropbox and follow the dialog to authenticate with Dropbox which it does by opening a browser window. After you allow Dropbox to use this application, Clementine indexes all the audio files in your Dropbox and categorizes it by artist in the left bar. You can choose to add all of them or a specific artist or album to playlist by right-clicking on the item. Enjoy playing music from your own personal cloud! πŸ™‚

Tried with: Clementine 1.2 and Ubuntu 14.04


One thought on “How to play music from Dropbox using Clementine

  1. It’s worth adding that this will work (perhaps with a bit of configuration . . ) even if the music files in the Dropbox are not set to sync with the computer playing the music. That is, you can save space on your computer by playing music directly from the Dropbox servers (unless, that is, Clementine downloads it all somewhere – and I don’t think it does).


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