Outlook.com app for Android

The Outlook.com app for Android supports checking email from multiple Microsoft email accounts from all their services: Outlook.com, Live and Hotmail. Like the webmail interface, the user interface is extremely simple and flat. Email text is displayed with almost no formatting. I found it useful enough to read plain text emails, but that is about it.


  • Even though I have turned off all notifications, the app vibrates the phone whenever a new email is received. This irritating phantom vibration bugged me for many weeks, until I found that this app was causing it. Until this insidious bug is fixed, I cannot really recommend using this app.

Tried with: Outlook.com, Android 4.4.3 and Moto G


One thought on “Outlook.com app for Android

  1. Totally agree. It took me a very long time to finally figure out it was (of all applications the one expected to be sitting on the biggest amount of cash) the Hotmail application which was phantom vibrating every time a message was entering my mailbox. What a pain in the xxx. I have to delete it and stop using the account – at least until like you say they fix this thing. What a complete (insulting) pain – all the other small apps built by students with half a penny for only budget work beautifully and are never too intrusive. Only Hotmail imposes completely useless vibrations that you can’t stop whatever you do until you decide to get rid of the application. I will keep my neck out though for a solution – let’s see how things go.


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