Inconsistency error with


I compiled and linked an OpenGL program with -lGL. On executing the program, I got this runtime error:

Inconsistency detected by dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!


The cryptic error message held some clues. I guessed there was some inconsistency between the various shared library files being linked into the program.

Searching for the OpenGL library gave multiple results:

$ locate

There seemed to be two versions of the library file: one from MESA located in the standard library directory and another from NVIDIA located in its own directory. I guessed that the MESA file must be getting linked and at runtime it could not work with the NVIDIA display driver. A bit of Googling ended up in this bug report which painted a similar picture.

This bug was not yet fixed for my Ubuntu system. So, explicitly using the NVIDIA library file for linking, using -L/usr/lib/nvidia-331 acted as a workaround for this error. The program compiled and executed without any errors.

Tried with: NVIDIA drivers 331, Ubuntu 14.04 and NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT


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