USB mass storage on Moto G

The Moto G runs Android KitKat or later versions. USB mass storage (UMS) has been removed from these versions of Android. So, plugging in a USB thumb drive or a hard disk of any kind is not possible.

You could use FTP to transfer files over wireless. Or use the slow MTP or PTP to transfer files by connecting Moto G to a computer.

Tried with: Android 4.4.3 and Moto G

5 thoughts on “USB mass storage on Moto G

  1. Title :”How to enable UMS on Moto G”
    Conclusion : “Its not possible to enable UMS on Moto G”
    Pretty funny isnt it ?


  2. Since the Moto G supports usb OTG, the fastest way to put large files on the thing is to use an USB stick. So if on Linux, copy files onto USB stick, then using a OTG cable and a proper file manager, copy them where wanted on the phone.
    As a file manager I’d reccomend Amaze File Manager or OI File Manager from the F-Droid market 😉


  3. i want to connect the moto g device to computer can u please tell us how to connect the after connect the usb cable


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