How to fix internet access on Windows hosted network


Hosted network is a feature of Windows 8 using which you can turn a computer with a network connection into a wireless hotspot. For example, this can be used to convert a notebook with wired internet connection into a wireless hotspot for other wireless devices like smartphones, tablets or other notebooks. The steps to create such a wireless hotspot are described here.

Sometimes, you may find that your other devices can connect to the hosted network, but cannot get internet access.


This can be fixed by checking for two services:

  1. Open services.msc.

  2. Right-click on Internet Connection Sharing service. Change its Startup Style to Automatic. Start the service.

  3. Right-click on Routing and Remote Access service. Change its Startup Style to Automatic. Start the service.

You should have internet access on the devices connected to your wireless hotspot now.

Tried with: Windows 8.1 x64


22 thoughts on “How to fix internet access on Windows hosted network

  1. hosetdnetworks started but cannot be cannot be connected ,my device can be found but cannot be connected


  2. It shows internet access, and other devices are connected as well but can’t browse the internet from the other devices.


    1. Same issue. Could connect to the hosted network but unable to browse from the device. Hosted Network Status shows internet access is available.

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    2. i got the solution … check it
      Step 1:
      Make sure all the dependency services of “Remote Access Connection Manager”” are started in services list..
      a. Click Start, type services.msc in the Start Search box.
      b. Select Services in the Programs list. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue
      c. Right-click Remote Access Connection Manager service and then click Properties.
      d. On the General tab, click Manual next to Startup type.
      e. On the General tab, click Start under Service status, and then click OK.
      f. Also check for the Dependency services.
      The following are the dependency services of “Remote Access Connection Manager”:
      i. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
      ii. Telephony
      iii. Plug and Play
      iv. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
      v. DCOM Server Process Launcher
      vi. RPC Endpoint Mapper
      Make sure the above services are started in the services list. If not, start all of the above services and check.


    3. Thank you for that list but unfortunately it does not help me – all services are already running…


  3. in Windows 8, click start button, click search icon in upper right corner and search for services.msc


  4. i have a solution for you
    first you open cmd then write netsh wlan stop hostednetwork and press enter
    second you write netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=12345678 key=12345678 and press enter
    third you write netsh wlan start hostednetwork and press enter
    last it is that you write netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow press enter
    after this the network you are using in network and sharing click change adapter setting
    go to your network that you are using first
    right click and chose properties
    go to sharing and mark tick at both in the box click the local area network________
    press ok
    in any windows this is 1000000000% work able


    1. Thank you for your help I followed these steps, it is working very well. but it is like I have limited access, I mean it works only for 30 min, and if I use some consuming app like making whatsapp call or watching Youtube videos it works for only 5 min, then I can’t use it any more. what should I do to have illimited connexion? thank you in advance!


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