How to convert from WebP to other formats

WebP is an image file format developed by Google. Since there are not many programs that support WebP, you might sometimes want to convert a WebP file to other common formats like PNG.

Converting WebP to other image file formats is easy using the WebP library provided by Google. Note that using the WebP library package from the Ubuntu repositories did not work for me. Only a few popular formats are supported, including PNG and BMP. Most notably, the JPG format is not currently supported.

To convert a WebP file:

  • Install the webp package:
$ sudo apt install webp

Alternatively, you can also download the libwebp archive file that matches your system from here. Unzip the archive file.

  • You will find a dwebp binary in the bin directory. That can be used to convert WebP files to other formats. For example, to convert to PNG:
$ dwebp foo.webp -o foo.png

Tried with: LibWebP 0.3.0-3 and Ubuntu 14.04


3 thoughts on “How to convert from WebP to other formats

    1. Slamet: WebP is starting to be used by some websites, when viewed with Chrome. WebP image is about 40% smaller in size than JPG, so it can be transferred faster.


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