How to access SMB share on Android using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an application that can be used to access files on your Android device. But, it can also be used to access files from SMB shares on any computer on the network it is connected to. This can be a great way to access family photos, audio and video files from your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Share your directory using SMB. On Windows, you do this by making a Shared Folder. This post shows an easy way to do the same on Ubuntu.

  2. ES File Explorer can be installed from the Play Store here.

  3. Open ES File Explorer, click the LAN icon on the top (or choose the top-left icon and pick Network > LAN). If your SMB share is set visible, then choose Scan from the bottom. You may have to do this a couple of times before your SMB share is discovered. If that doesn’t work, choose New and add the SMB share details in the Server dialog.

Either way, your SMB share or computer appears in the the LAN window. From here, you can browse its directories and view or play its files.

Tried with: ES File Explorer 3.1.1, Android 4.4.2 and Moto G

5 thoughts on “How to access SMB share on Android using ES File Explorer

  1. useless instructions… what my issue is is that it cannot find the server, even though both my PC and Laptop shopw up after a scan. When I key in my UID and PWD it goes nowhere and says CANNOT FIND THE SERVER… this is becoming a frustration and if the clowns that programmed that app do not reply to me I may ask for a refund

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