How to build and install FLTK 2.0

FLTK 2.0 is an experimental new version of the library that was later abandoned. Some other libraries seem to use it, so sometimes you may need to build and install it. Doing that is easy:

  • Download the source code from the SVN repository:
$ svn co fltk-2.0

If it asks for username or password, just press Enter.

  • Configure and build the code:
$ cd fltk-2.0
$ autoconf
$ ./configure
$ make
  • You might get this error:
=== making test ===
Compiling mandelbrot_ui.cxx...
In file included from mandelbrot_ui.cxx:3:0:
mandelbrot_ui.h:15:5: error: β€˜Drawing_Area’ does not name a type

Open Makefile and remove test from this line:

DIRS = src $(LOCALIMAGES) images OpenGL fluid glut test
  • Build again, it should succeed. Install the files:
$ make
$ sudo make install

Tried with: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

4 thoughts on “How to build and install FLTK 2.0

  1. Thanks! Had the same problem (and others related to the makeinclude file) on openSUSE and this solution worked!


  2. Hi, I downloaded the source code from the svn repository, but when I input the command autoconf it says
    bash: autoconf: command not found
    and the same for the ./configure command
    Any suggestion?


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