How to set C or C++ compiler for CMake

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7 thoughts on “How to set C or C++ compiler for CMake

    1. Einpoklum: Thanks for sharing that. Indeed, Method 1 and 2 listed in the FAQ are more elegant.

      However, in my case I wanted to use GCC for normal compilation and Intel compiler for my CMake project, so Method 1 was not suitable. Method 2 was not suitable cause our team was not interested in passing command line arguments to CMake.

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  1. Thanks to both for the response. I have a related problem: I need to modify the compile line from ‘gcc [args]’ to ‘/usr/local/bin/fubar gcc [args]’. Where ‘fubar’ is an executable to performs instrumentation while it invokes the gcc command with [args].
    As I understand from the above replies and from the CMake FAQ, setting GCC to ‘/usr/local/bin/fubar gcc’ will NOT work since CMake treats the value of GCC as a single string that is a full path to an executable (and it checks that it exists).


  2. I want to work on project that needs make, cmake and mingw so i need to setup my environment so that cmake can access a compiler(g++ or gcc). I have install all the tools and i’m having errors tell cmake where to find the compiler either by setting the environment variable ‘CC’

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