VsVim extension for Visual Studio

The VsVim extension brings Vim key bindings and interface to Visual Studio. This is similar to the Vrapper plugin for Eclipse.

Installing VsVim is straightforward. Go to Tools > Extension Manager. Choose Online Gallery and search in the top right box for VsVim. Choose VsVim from the search results and click Install. Once install is done, restart Visual Studio.

VsVim adds its own bar at the bottom of the editor window. This is used to display the Vim commands you type and their results. There are many common Vim commands that have pre-defined bindings in Visual Studio. You can pick and choose which of these you want to retain with Visual Studio or grab for Vim. This can be done by clicking the Options button in the bottom VsVim bar.

If you want to look at the VsVim source code or help add a feature, go to its Github page.

Tried with: VsVim, Visual Studio 2010 and Windows 8 x64

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