Vrapper plugin for Eclipse

Vrapper is a plugin that adds Vim-like editing features to Eclipse. It also works with IDEs that are built upon Eclipse, like Nsight Eclipse for example.

Install and use

  • To install Vrapper, go to Help -> Install new software -> Add and add the URL: http://vrapper.sourceforge.net/update-site/stable

  • Eclipse downloads and displays the plugins. Choose Vrapper. Note: Do not choose Vrapper – Split Editor Plugin if you are not on Eclipse 4.x. Do not choose Vrapper – Java Extensions or Vrapper – Python Extensions if you do not have those features in Eclipse. The rest of the install is straightforward.

  • If you feel the need to customize some Vim settings for Vrapper, do them in ~/.vrapperrc. Only the settings listed in the Vrapper configuration page are supported.

Vrapper features

Apart from the usual Vim features, here are some Vrapper-specific features I like to use:

  • Eclipse bookmarks can be set easily by using Vim mark feature with uppercase letter.

  • GVim can be opened on the current file and line by using the command :vim

Tried with: Vrapper 0.36.0, NSight 5.5 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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