Remember The Milk CLI

Remember The Milk is a popular web application, which helps you manage lists of tasks with due dates and priorities. If you live at the commandline, you might prefer to look at your RTM tasks and work on them at the terminal. One of the many options to do this is a Python script named RTM CLI. It displays your RTM tasks in various formats using colors for priorities.


RTM CLI is built upon the pyrtm Python package. It can be installed using pip with the package name pyrtm.

Next, download the rtm Python script from its BitBucket repository. Place it in a directory that is on your path and give it executable permission.


Invoke the script and it gets authenticated with RTM for the first time. I find most of the views of RTM CLI to be too verbose and useless.

What I really like is the weekly planner view in color:

$ rtm planner today

Tried with: RTM CLI 1.3.0, pyrtm 0.4.1, Python 2.7.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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