How to access a NFS shared directory from Raspbmc

Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc functions as an excellent HTPC.Β If you have videos, music or photos on one of your home Ubuntu or Linux computers, then it might be convenient to access or view the media right from your Raspbmc over the home network. The easiest way to do this is to share the media files in a NFS shared directory and access that from Raspbmc as NFS client. I am assuming that the Ubuntu computer and Raspbmc are connected to the same wireless router or the same home network.

First setup the Ubuntu computer:

  1. Your Raspbmc will access your Ubuntu computer using its IP address. So, it might be convenient to configure a static IP address for the Ubuntu computer. In any case, note down the IP address of the Ubuntu computer.
  2. Create a directory and make sure the directory name has no spaces in it. Drop all the media files you want to share into this directory. Share this directory using NFS.

Next setup the Raspbmc to access the shared directory:

  1. Make sure you can ping the Ubuntu computer from the Raspbmc. You can do this by SSH to Raspbmc (here is how) and pinging the IP address of the Ubuntu computer.
  2. Assuming you want to access the video files in the shared directory. (The steps for Audio is similar, just use the Audio menu in these steps). In XBMC, go to Videos β†’ Files β†’ Add videos β†’ Browse
  3. In the Browse dialog, choose Network Filesystem (NFS). The IP address of your Ubuntu computer must be listed here. Enter it and pick the shared directory and choose OK.
  4. The Ubuntu computer shared directory now appears in the listing, choose OK. Press OK in the next dialog. Now the shared directory is visible in the Files listing and you should be able to browse through the media files inside it and play them whenever needed.

Have fun playing the content from your Ubuntu computer on your Raspbmc πŸ™‚

Tried with: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Raspbmc Release 1.0

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