minibufexpl plugin for Vim

If you edit multiple files in the same Vim session and you find yourself switching between them, then you might like the minibufexpl plugin. Since Vim keeps around the buffers it opened for the filed you viewed or edited, you might find it convenient to switch to a buffer instead of reopening that file.

Mini buffer explorer (minibufexpl) displays the buffers open in Vim in a top split window. It opens this window only if you open two or more files.

To switch to a different buffer, you can switch to the minibufexpl window and press Enter on the buffer name. I find it more convenient to use Tim Pope’s unimpaired plugin which maps the [b and ]b key sequences to switch forward and backward through the buffers.

minibufexpl can be installed for Pathogen by cloning its Github repository. It seems to be pretty unmaintained in recent months and I found that a popular fork of this repository has a lot of fixes to problems with the main source.

Tried with: Vim 7.3

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