How to fix NVIDIA driver failure on Ubuntu

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12 thoughts on “How to fix NVIDIA driver failure on Ubuntu

  1. Thank you for very helpful instruction. I got my PC and NVIDIA driver working following your instruction


  2. I had a black screen and after a long search I determined that it was because of the information returned by my display and the way that was interpreted. The popup on my display indicated that the input format was not compatible.
    Basically you have to “Force video mode without EDID information” – which implies updating your xorg.conf manually.


  3. Three years later and this still works. It totally fixed my ubuntu, except I had to run the command with the latest NVIDIA driver (ver. 367).
    After deleting and reinstalling, all I had to do was reboot and I got my GUI system back.

    Thanks bro.


  4. If you try to manually remove the dkms modules and they are still present when you make dkms status, just delete them by hand from /var/lib/dkms/nvidia*


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