Show compact revision history in Mercurial

The command to view the revision history in Mercurial is hg log. This shows a lot of information: the revision number (local to the repository), the changeset ID, user, date and summary, each on a different line. This style of revision history occupies too many lines of the display.

A more compact revision history can be viewed by using:

hg log --style=compact

This shows the summary on one line and the rest of the information on a single line above it.

To view the revision history in the GNU changelog style use:

hg log --style=changelog

To apply one of these revision history styles by default on hg log, add this to your Mercurial configuration file:

style = compact

If you have applied a different revision history style on hg log, but want to view it in default style use:

hg log --style=default

Tried with: Mercurial 2.3.2

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