SD card support in Windows 8 for Dell Vostro 3300


You installed, not upgraded, a fresh copy of Windows 8 on the Dell Vostro 3300 notebook. Everything seems to be working fine except the SD card reader. If you put in a SD card into the reader, it does not appear as a drive in Windows Explorer.


The Dell Vostro 3300 uses the Realtek RTS5138 USB controller for the SD card reader. Windows 8 does not seem to ship with the driver for this controller. Go to the Support section of the Dell webpage for Vostro 3300. Find the Realtek-Driver under the Chipset section, download it and install it. Restart Windows and your SD card should work now.

Tried with: Windows 8 Pro

2 thoughts on “SD card support in Windows 8 for Dell Vostro 3300

  1. Thanks for the tip, it was useful to me.
    Another thing I’ve lost after upgrade to Windows 8 is the fingerprint sensor software, as it was listed as incompatible and I had to uninstall it. Do you possibly have any idea how to get it back?



    1. Thomas: That sounds bad. I do not know how to fix this one. My Vostro 3300 does not have a fingerprint sensor.


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