How to view the time in Windows 8?

Charms bar in Windows 8


In older versions of Windows, you could see the time and date in the system tray on the taskbar. You can still do that in the Desktop mode of Windows 8. But, when you are in the Start screen of Windows 8, this information is missing. The tile of the Calendar application show the date, but what about the time?


If you bring up the CharmsΒ Bar, which appears on the right, the current date and time is also displayed in a box on the bottom left corner. The easiest way to bring up the Charms Bar is to use the keyboard shortcut Win + C.

Once I learnt about this, I felt that this was more convenient than a date-time display that is omnipresent on the Start screen. This is less distracting.

Tried with: Windows 8 Pro x64

One thought on “How to view the time in Windows 8?

  1. this is crap prefer to see time in task bar which I had up until I restarted my pc and it was gone along with other icons there, been havin trouble cut n paste this version of windows I crap would prefer windows 98 than this shit
    cant even login to my yahoo email


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