StackOverflow: Follow tags in realtime with StackGuru

If you want to be updated on all new questions of a certain tag on StackOverflow, using the browser to manually check for new questions is painful. StackOverflow does allow users to get email notifications on updates once every 15 minutes. It also supports RSS notifications on tags. But sometimes, you want something more real-time than email or RSS.

What you need is a program that will monitor the tags you are interested in and notify you as soon as a question on the tag appears. StackGuru is a Jabber bot that can do this work for you.

Using StackGuru is pretty simple:

1. Install a Jabber client on your computer. I personally like the minimalism of Psi and use it for this purpose. Or you can use the GChat interface in Gmail also.

2. Open your Jabber client and login using any Jabber ID. You can use your Gmail login as a Jabber ID. Or create a Jabber ID on many Jabber servers on the Internet.

3. Add as your friend.

4. To follow questions of a tag, say java, send this message to follow java

5. To unfollow questions of a tag, say java, send this message to unfollow java

6. To view the tags you are currently following, send this message to follow

7. will message you whenever a question on any of the tags you are following is posted on StackOverflow

For more commands that StackGuru can handle, see here.

Tried with: Psi 0.14

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