TeamViewer: Using Windows login on remote computer

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5 thoughts on “TeamViewer: Using Windows login on remote computer

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  2. I this possible when connecting via iOS or Android? My colleague and I are struggling to see if this is possible.


  3. Allowing Windows logon – for any type of user – provides a TeamViewer hacker direct access to attack your windows credentials directly. They could easily launch a script that could try thousands of possible passwords a second. If you change the setting to “not allowed”, and your computer is configured to be at the login/lock screen whenever you are not using it, the attacker is forced to enter each Windows password manually in order to gain access.

    TL;DR: having the “Windows Logon” setting set to anything other than “not allowed” is a serious weakening of TeamViewer security.


    1. @René Kåbis

      Actually as long as you are setting a secure password, which should be standard, then it shouldn’t matter all that much. Especially when there are far more statistically successful ways to gain entry.

      For instance:

      Even if I set this to “Allow for all users” and someone attempts to run a “Script”, also known as, a “Brute Force Attack”, “Common Word Attack”, or “Dictionary Attack”. If I have a password such as “this is hard”, it would still take around 2,500 years to successfully gain entry into the system through Teamviewer.


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