How to show black screen on remote computer using TeamViewer


You connect to a computer in another room or a remote workplace using TeamViewer. But, the folks sitting around that computer get distracted by all the desktop operations you are doing. Or maybe you do not want to attract their attention. What do you do? Ideally you want to power off the display or blank it, but this is not possible to do without physical access to the computer.


TeamViewer has a neat feature called Black Screen that can be used to achieve something like this.

The Computer and Contacts window is shown on the right of the main TeamViewer window and it lists the remote computers you have added entries for. Right-click on the remote computer name and choose Properties. In the dialog, click on Advanced and in the Remote Input dropdown choose Disable remote input and show black screen.

Now connect to this remote computer. You can check whether a black screen is being displayed on the display of the remote computer by choosing Actions -> Show Black Screen in the TeamViewer toolbar. Sometimes this entry is not enabled even if you had enabled the black screen in its properties. If so, you can explicitly enable black screen for this remote session by choosing Actions -> Show Black Screen option.

Tried with: TeamViewer 7.0.12313


43 thoughts on “How to show black screen on remote computer using TeamViewer

  1. Great little future if you are going to manage public service station off any kind.
    But if the screen is black and some one think that the computer/station is broke/off the first thing they are gonna do is to power on/off

    I will like to have option there I can type the message “Service bla bla, try later bla bla”
    Does someone know what is actually displayed on the remote screen? Is it at black picture or is the screen completely off?



  2. Ash: Yup! I talked yesterday with teamviewer support about this and they confirmed that it is just a black picture. And that “picture can not be edited or changed” but if I remember right the start logo on Win 98 was actually a .sys file which you can edit and save (as long you follow some rules). So I wonder if someone knows (or can help out to locate) where the pic file is located?
    I also told TV support team that this can be implemented in future release as a option.


    1. does this command work like teamviewer..I mean after entering this command can i see the screen of remote system and user will see as a black screen…………… Need your help for MAc system…


  3. Ammyy Admin is quite useful if you are looking for a remote control program very easy to use and do not give you any annoyance to the configuration of ports, firewalls and more.


  4. Hi,

    I used the exactly steps as you did. But when I go to Actions, the show black screen option was disabled. I cannot use this function at all. Is it because I am using a free license?



    1. Hi Ivy,

      Please look first for the option to disable remote input. The option to show black screen should then light up. Please let me know if this works for you.



  5. Looks like the option doesn’t exists in the mac version: same target computer at the same time: mac is just missing this option (no extended settings) and on pc id does work


  6. Perhaps this is too obvious to ask, but I’ll do it anyway: Once the remote session ends, does the remote computer screen automatically stop showing the black picture, and the inputs start working again?


  7. It would be nice if there were an option to lock the remote PC’s screen as is possible in Remote Desktop on Windows, but this works just as well. FTR, you have to install the TeamViewer driver to enable this, and on some PCs the Aero is disabled in the remote UI. That said, it’s better than nothing.


  8. Hey, in addition to above, one can even use RHUB`s remote support servers, wherein, you can blank a remote desktop to prevent your sensitive remote control activities from being viewed. It works well.


  9. i have teamviewer 9 installed on my android and on my windows 8 , when i try to connect to my pc through my android it always shows black screen , but remoting is working , only the screen is black , how do i make it visible on my android ?? pls tell me 😦 i really need to know .


  10. Sir i have an important question and need its answer at any cost .
    ” we both are using Teamviewer (me and my partner ) i am accessing to his computer after accessing to his computer.will he be able to see whatever i will open in his computer ? and if he can see all that how can i hide all activities from him which i am going to access his computer ? i hope you understood the question .


    1. Ali: Sounds like you are doing something illegal! TeamViewer does not seem to track any activities, so I’m guessing your partner will not know what tasks you did on his computer.


  11. Tried using this to control a Windows 7 machine from an iOS 8 iPad, but I was unable to get Black Screen to work on the Windows machine. Is this feature available in this configuration?


  12. Yeah if you press ctrl+alt+del on the remote computer it works straight away, all this seems to do is disable the mouse.


  13. I’m in controled by teamview at work so the a some of the things we are limited to do like downloads and so ect. So my queation is HOW TO FAKE MY SCREEN OR HIDE MY PC FROM TEAM VIEWER


  14. I try to tick “Show black screen”. When it asks to install drivers, I confirm ton insall. it did something but no luck I think. As enabling black screen it still available. So it looks like driver installation was wrong, but not messages about this. Are there some solution what driver to install? why it fails and so on?
    And how I can understand that screen is disabled? If check “Show black screen” marked/or doesn’t, right?
    Thank you


  15. Hi.. I have TV version 9. Even after activating the “Disable remote input and Show black Screen” in the Computer & Contacts, people are still able to see the screen of the remote computer. Please help.


  16. Perhaps this worked in 2012; what about with Version 12 in 2017? Doesn’t seem to be working for my Windows 10 machine 😦 I absolutely must blank my remote screen


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