How to remove titlebar button in TeamViewer


TeamViewer adds an extra button to the titlebar of all active applications. This button with a double-headed arrow is called the QuickConnect button in TeamViewer jargon. It is quite irritating to see this button (and to click it by mistake) if you do not really want to be bothered about the QuickConnect feature.


The option to hide this button is hidden away in TeamViewer settings. Navigate through Options β†’ Advanced β†’ Show advanced options β†’ QuickConnect button β†’ Configure and uncheck Show QuickConnect button.

Tried with: TeamViewer 7.0.12313

31 thoughts on “How to remove titlebar button in TeamViewer

  1. Thanks! I have been searching through options for quite some time now but couldn’t find it by myself.. Reason? I was only looking for checkboxes.. =)


  2. Yeah, or you can just click on the QuickConnect button and select “Disable this feature”

    Is way faster.


  3. Thanks man. Though it’s much easier now with TeamViewer 9, you can just click the QuickConnect button and there’s an option called “Disable this feature”. But thanks anyways.


  4. Except that using the ‘Disable this feature’ option didn’t work for me in Chrome. This was especially annoying as the quick connect button was on top of the new tab button.


  5. Thank you very much! I appreciate this post. I migrated to TeamViewer after LogMeIn Free ended a few weeks ago, and the titlebar button is a feature I didn’t need.
    I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge online. I used to do that, but my knowledge dried up (either that or my time), so now I have to find it online like everyone else!


  6. I’m with Donovan on this one. It’s a shame that during the install they don’t ask you wether you want this option on or off. Thanks a lot for this tip!


  7. Thanks! The latest update to Chrome with the logged in user’s name was actually showing up underneath the teamviewer button. Teamviewer will have to move this button out of the way to keep it useful.


  8. This is great! Thank you! This “QuickConnect Button” was giving my fullscreen-windowed games a serious problem. Took me a bit to narrow it down to that silly thing. Thank you for letting me figure out how to remove it without having to exit TeamViewer all-together.


  9. 2 years of that …thing… being in the corner of every window, yet I had never thought to do anything about it. Finally find myself wanting to put the effort into disabling it, and they bury it deep in the settings. THANK YOU for putting this up!


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