PowerShell: Error on Modifying Shortcut Properties


PowerShell appears in a console with a blue background by default. If you try to change any of the console properties like fonts, colors or size and try to save it, it throws the following error:

Error Updating Shortcut
Unable to modify the shortcut:
Check to make sure it has not been deleted or renamed.


The shortcut has neither been deleted or renamed since we opened the PowerShell console, so this error message is useless. To be able to modify the PowerShell console properties, make a copy of its shortcut and place it anywhere in the Start menu folder. You might want to rename it to My-PowerShell or something different. Open PowerShell using this new shortcut and you will be able to modify and save its properties.

Tried with: PowerShell 2 and Windows 7

5 thoughts on “PowerShell: Error on Modifying Shortcut Properties

  1. This was very helpful as I really like to keep it set to softer colors and specific dimensions.


  2. I was able to save changes to my shortcut without making a copy by running as administrator and then opening the properties dialog.


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