I stopped using multiple displays a while ago, but still find it useful to partition my work windows from my fun windows. Windows 7 does not ship with a virtual desktop manager. Among the available offerings, I find Dexpot to be a good choice of a virtual desktop manager.

Dexpot ships with a lot of features, much more than what I need. Here are my setup details:

  • Disable all features other than virtual desktops, keyboard shortcuts and Dexcube plugin.
  • Reduce the number of virtual desktops to 2: one for work and the other for email-web-music.
  • Remove all the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys as Dexpot calls them). I only set the shortcuts for Previous Desktop and Next Desktop. My preferred keys for these are Ctrl+Win+← and Ctrl+Win+β†’
  • Enable the Dexcube plugin to show a cube animation when I switch desktops. Enable Multithreading here, else it can be too slow.
  • Save the settings as a profile, so that it can be used on other computers I use.

Tried with: Dexpot 1.5.9

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