Mercurial: Waiting for Lock


Mercurial repositories can sometimes be left in a locked state. A lock is created whenever a client is connected to a repository. But, this lock is not removed if the client got disconnected, say over the network. If any client now tries to change the repository (say push changes), Mercurial complains that it is waiting for the lock.

Here is an example:

P:\Foobar>hg push
pushing to Q:\FoobarRep
waiting for lock on repository Q:\FoobarRep held by 'Computer42:9999'

In this example, Mercurial is complaining that a lock is still being held by a client from the computer named Computer42 over port 9999.


Delete the lock file in the .hg\store directory of the repository. In the example above, delete the file Q:\FoobarRep\.hg\store\lock


4 thoughts on “Mercurial: Waiting for Lock

  1. For anyone else coming up with this problem, but where the error is “waiting for lock on working directory Q:\FoobarRep held by ‘Computer42:9999’ delete the file wlock in the .hg directory. This was driving me nuts on a shared server for days, trying to figure out who was using data


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