C++: Const Method Changing its Object

A const method cannot directly change its object in C++. But, there is only so much const-checking that can be done at compile time. It is well known that anything can be hacked in C++ using casting and pointers. I was surprised when I inadvertently created a simple const method that changed its object using just a reference:

#include <vector>
using namespace std;

typedef vector<int> IntVec;

class Foo
	void method()
		constMethod( _ivec );

	void constMethod( IntVec& iVec ) const
		iVec.push_back( 10 );

	IntVec _ivec;

int main()
	Foo foo;

	return 0;

2 thoughts on “C++: Const Method Changing its Object

  1. It seems that in constMethod you are changing incoming variable by its reference, so everything is ok in it – your are not touching to _ivec in constMethod.


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