CPPUnit that compiles with Visual C++ 2010

CPPUnit is a unit testing framework that is a port of the popular JUnit framework. Work on it has stalled and there has been no release since 2008. Work has continued on a fork called CPPUnit2.

The last released version of CPPUnit is 1.21.1. I needed it for a project, but compiling it with Visual C++ 2010 ended in lots of errors. I got it compiling after making some changes. This version can be downloaded from here.

The changes are:

  • The DSPlugIn project was removed.
  • The version was changed to 10.0 in the MSDevCallerListCtrl.cpp.
  • Changes made to the naming of .exe, .lib and .dll files produced by the projects in the CPPUnit solution.

16 thoughts on “CPPUnit that compiles with Visual C++ 2010

  1. I have VS 2010 Express and cant seem to load this project… It offers me to convert the project and after clicking yes it says cannot open project…

    TestPlugInRunner.dsp has been corrupted and it goes on reporting errors…


  2. Hi Ashwin,

    Thanks for your post, it is quite helpful.
    If i try to build only for debug iam able to build it successfully, but if i try for batch build it is giving lot of errors. can you please suggest me an option for this.

    Thanks in Advance,


  3. Thanks Ashwin!! You have mentioned that you have removed DSPlugin project but on downloading it is showing DSPlugIn.vcxproj but not building..throwing Linking error -LINK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __DllMainCRTStartup@12
    Are you able to build in VS2010 this project?


    1. Madhur: The DSPlugin files are there, but it is not included in the Solution file. So, it does not appear as a project when you open the solution using Visual Studio 2010. I do not know why this not the behaviour you are seeing at your end.


  4. ok..actually I copied DSPlugin folder and tried to cpmpile…By the way any chance to have vs2010 equivalent of DSPlugin.dsp. All I know we need to rewrite most of the code as interface implemented ICDSAddin is no longer supported VC7 onwards..for that we need to implement IExtensibility2 interface..Just checking if you have..


    1. No Probs..I was just checking if u have vs2010 compliant version…I have removed it now..


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