CUDA 3.0

I upgraded from CUDA 2.3 to CUDA 3.0 today. The CUDA Toolkit of 3.0 expects a NVIDIA driver v195.x or more. So, I had to install the latest v197.x NVIDIA drivers, followed by CUDA 3.0 Toolkit. I had to also install the GPU Computing SDK (earlier called the CUDA SDK) since I use GLEW and cutil.h.

Some notes from the upgrade:

  • As irritating as always, NVIDIA has messed around the directory structures and environment variables. $(NVSDKCUDA_ROOT) is gone, there is only $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT) and everything has been moved underneath it.
  • The preferred install location seems to be C:\ProgramData (also known as Common Application Data) instead of C:\Program Files.
  • CUDA and GLEW have been moved into $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT)/C.
    • glew.h is now in $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT)/C/common/inc/GL and glew32.lib is in $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT)/C/common/lib.
    • cutil.h is now in $(NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT)/C/common/inc.
  • Device emulation mode (-D_DEVICEEMU) is indicated as deprecated in this release and will be removed in a future release. Compilation was successful, but the device emulation mode stopped working already on my code due to an error! I was only using it for debugging sometimes, so this did not really affect me.

2 thoughts on “CUDA 3.0

  1. Could you please tell me exactyly what should I do to solve this issue. Which library should i change or what all should be added to solve this issue and successfully build my code


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