Subversion: Remove a Project

There is no straightforward way to remove all the information of a project from the SVN repository and retrieve that diskspace. The only way to achieve this:

  1. Dump the repository to a dumpfile.
    $ svnadmin dump C:\Foo_Rep > C:\foo_rep_dump
  2. Filter out the project you want to remove from the dumpfile.
    $ svndumpfilter exclude Project_to_del < C:\foo_rep_dump > C:\foo_rep_dump_updated

    If you have many projects that you want to remove, repeat this step for each of them.

  3. Create a new repository.
    $ svnadmin create C:\Foo_rep_new
  4. Load the updated dumpfile to new repository.
    $ svnadmin load C:\Foo_rep_new < C:\foo_rep_dump_updated

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